You also must have been a recipient like me, a recipient of information that Google has changing policies in its terms of service and privacy policy. Here is some full length information on what Google is going to change…
Google has done this exercise in 2010, but is at it again and will bring about all the changes to its terms of service and privacy policies. As it is very important because it is related to the privacy policy, here is a keener look into what is changed and why it is changing and what will the changes mean for the regular users.
When it comes to privacy policies, there are a whole host of privacy documents that encompass various products of Google. Its effort now is mainly centered around rolling out an absolutely new privacy policy which will cover the widest range of its products. And an effort is also on to explain to the users the kind of information that will be collected, how this information will be made use of, all of this explained in an intelligible manner.
Google is making an effort to consolidate its privacy policy with 60 privacy documents and have one policy cover these diverse products. The changes will come into force from today, i.e., 1st of March and the same have been notified to users through emails and notices on the homepage too.
The major change is in for the Google Accounts users. The privacy policy makes it clear that, Google will combine the information provided for one service with information provided for other services. The user will be treated as a single user for all the products of Google so as to give an intuitive and simpler Google experience.
With these changes, and combining information across products, there are going to be many more cool things happening on Google. For instance, the search box itself will offer you with great many options from the web and in addition to that you can get options from your personal stuff also. Reading a memo has become very easy with the help of Google Docs.
Google is on an effort to offer more to its users in terms of better search efforts wherein it helps the users to find the thing they are looking out for more easily and also showing relevant ads too. It is not just showing relevant ads but also showing reminders too. Its main aim is to be of great help to the users.
Secondly, comes the Terms of service by Google…these are the terms that the users agree to when they use the products of Google. The privacy policies have been rewritten and they are also easy to read. Google has made an effort to reduce the total number and has covered its majority of the products under the main Google’s Terms of Service. You can find the revised terms online.
Last but not the least; Google remains totally committed to liberation of data…users can take the information anywhere if they want. Personal information is kept intact and is not sold or shared externally without prior permission from the users unless in a very few exceptional cases like that of a highly valid court order.
Google is trying its best to maintain high levels of transparency about the information it collects and also give different choices as to how the information is used. For instance the Ads Preferences Manager gives you the right to edit your interest categories and also opt for turning off the Google ads altogether. It is on the job of designing great privacy controls.
Let us hope that with this simplified privacy policy things will be made less complicated for people to decipher the various practices that are ongoing at Google. It is seriously recommended that you take some time out to read and understand the kind of changes that have been made and also understand the kind of controls that are offered to the users.